Chris Christopher Olk

Christopher Olk is an experienced intercultural trainer having lived in Mexico, Egypt, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. After his exchange to Egypt, he became an active volunteer within AFS Germany coaching students coming to Germany. In 2014 he joined the exchange organization AIESEC as account and trainee manager. He also was a facilitator during the previous two editions of the Transatlantic Summer Academy.

In his undergraduate programme Advanced Technology at the University of Twente, he focussed on Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energies. He continued to work on the latter topic at two different Fraunhofer research institutes in 2016. Since September 2016 he does his postgraduate in Renewable Energies and Power Systems Management at City, University of London which he will complete in September, 2017 in a project focussing on the M5BAT battery storage in Aachen operating in the balancing power market.



Foto Jennifer Hecht

Jenny Hecht

Jenny Hecht is currently a postgraduate student in Cultural Policy, Relations and Diplomacy at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she researches the use of art and culture for conflict transformation in Lebanon for her dissertation. She started her training experience after returning from an AFS year in Turkey in 2008/2009. Ever since, she has been active in AFS Germany, specifically concerning the development and implementation of a new training concept for the preparation of students spending their AFS years in Turkey and Egypt. Last summer, she was a trainer in the sustainability track of the Summer Academy on Intercultural Experience in Karlsruhe.

Jenny has a passion for travelling and languages and has already lived in her home country Germany, in Turkey, the Netherlands, Belgium and now the UK. She holds a BBA in Global Project and Change Management with a focus on Sustainability and Communication & Media from Windesheim Honours College in the Netherlands.



Lisa_FotoLisa Wagner

Lisa is currently finishing her master’s degree in Global Studies in Graz in the south-east of Austria with a focus on gender, human rights and sustainability.

She went on student’s exchange to Peru at the age of 15 and started volunteering for AFS right after returning to Austria. In 2012, she became involved in being a trainer/facilitator at intercultural training events and tries to connect training with travelling around Europe. She has lived abroad in Russia and India; luckily both countries could meet her love for travelling by train. She enjoys reading and knitting socks.



Holger Kühnhold

Holger Kühnhold is currently doing his PhD in Marine Ecology at the Leibniz Center for Tropical Marine Research (ZMT) in Bremen. His research work encompasses the assessment of global stresses such as climate change on marine ecosystems. During his PhD he established different biomarkers to evaluate the susceptibility of sea cucumbers to rising ocean temperatures. Moreover, he promotes the global development of sustainable aquaculture practices.