The excursions for the Transatlantic Summer Academy on Sustainability 2017 will be published as soon as possible!

Meanwhile you can have a look at some examples and descriptions of the excursions of the last years:


Tour de Wind, Bremerhaven

On the guided „Tour de Wind“ round tour, which leads you along 20 stations, you will learn a lot about wind energy, the future climate protecting power generation. The focus during the bus tour will also take a look at the future. These foundations and many other construction elements can be seen up close on the „Tour de Wind“. Among other routes the tour takes you along the various production sites for rotor blades, nacelles, steel foundations as well as the off-shore security centers plus the Fraunhofer Institute IWES, which in one of the world’s largest testing facilities examines the resilience and the deformation of rotor blades. And in passing a city tour through the Shop Window Fishery Harbor, the Havenwelten (Harbor Worlds) Bremerhaven and the Overseas Harbor is also included.


Klimahaus, Bremerhaven

The Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost gives answers to many questions about the topic of climate, while sending its visitors on a memorable journey around the world. With its authentically designed climate zones, multimedia-installations, interactive exhibits and large aquariums the Klimahaus is a theme attraction of a new generation. The Klimahaus plunges you into a multi-facetted world of knowledge and adventure which will inspire and amaze with its installations, exotic creatures and plants, and much more.

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The research and media vessel ALDEBARAN, Hamburg

What began in 1992 as Europe’s only floating radio studio and laboratory has now matured into a multimedia platform. The 14 meter long Aldebaran is a French aluminum construction of the type “Sonate Ovni 43”. The design makes it not only suitable for ocean research but also provides a perfect platform for shallow coastal and reef based research as draft can be reduced to as little as one metre. Another advantage is the “square-cut” trunk which means the ALDEBARAN can go aground in tidal waters without tilting to one side.

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